How to make a face out of nothing

How to Make a Face Out of Nothing 1.

Use a Face Shaping Brush: To make your face, hold a brush or palette against your skin and use it to shape the contour of your cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, mouth, chinbone, cheekbones, chinline and jawline.


Use your Finger: Next, bend your fingers slightly to create a small oval shape on the skin.


Use Your Eyebrow: Place your index finger in the centre of the oval shape and place your thumb on top of it. 4.

Create a Hole: With your thumb, bend the thumb and middle finger forward and pull them down so the tip is parallel to the skin, and use them to create the hole.


Shape Your Head: Now, bend a finger down to create another oval shape.


Bend Your Eyelid: Fold your index and middle fingers into a circle and place them over your eyelid.


Twist the Eyelids: As you twist the eyelids, twist the fingers forward until they meet at the point where the two edges meet.


Shape the Eyebrows: Once your eyebrows are done, move your thumb back and forth between your eyebrows to create two round shapes.


Shape your Nose: Bring your fingers to the tip of your nose and pull downward until your fingers touch the top of the nose.


Create an Underbite: Hold your thumbs at the top and bottom of your nostrils and place a small ball of cotton around the ball.


Create the Lip: Take the tip off your lips and place it on the tip or tip and lip of your tongue.


Shape a Nosebleed: While you’re holding the cotton ball, gently bend the tip downward until the cotton is stretched.


Shape an Eyeball: Pull your thumb up to create an oval shape over the top or bottom of the eyelid, then pull your index fingers down.


Create three lines on the cheekbone: If you want to create lines on your cheekbones with a finger, hold the cotton sphere between your thumb and forefinger and use your index to draw a line along your cheekbone.


Shape and Apply a Makeup: Using your finger to create small oval shapes on your cheeks and nose, apply makeup and smooth out any imperfections.


Apply a Eye Makeup : Using the cotton balls you created in Step 8, place your fingers on the cotton spheres, and hold them in place.


Apply Your Makeup Over the Eye: Use your index or middle finger to draw two lines with your fingers.


Shape Eyeballs: Start by drawing the outline of the eyes with your index hand and middle hand, and then work your way up to the pupils.


Shape Pups: Make sure to use your finger, not the brush, to shape and shape again until you have the shape of the pupils of your eyes.


Shape Eyes: Grab your cotton ball and begin drawing circles with your thumb.


Shape Mouths: When you’re ready to draw the shape from your cotton sphere, place the cotton on the mouth and work it around.


Shape Eye Bites: Try not to scratch your nose or eyes too much.


Shape Tongue: Apply the cotton over the tip and then around the tongue to create your tongue shape.


Shape Jawbones: Draw a circle around the corner of your jaw, using your index, middle and ring fingers to create three different shapes.


Shape Neckbones:

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