The Next Cool Hair Trend For Men

With so many men looking to shave, this facial hair trend has become a hot trend for men and women alike.

As a man with a beard, the next cool hairstyle for me is the face mask.

I use my mask to cover my hair when I’m traveling to get rid of my beard, and to get my facial hair into the back of my head when I take the bus or drive.

It’s not only for traveling.

I also use it to cover up when I go to the beach or a gym, and in a hotel room to protect my neck.

I also use the mask to wear under my glasses to protect them from sunburns, and it also keeps my hair from getting in the way of my facial skin.

My mask helps me maintain a healthy and balanced facial profile.

It also keeps me clean and looking the part.

This is why I’m excited to be working with the Men’s Health Foundation to bring this trend to men.

It is a trend I have been planning for quite a while.

I have worked with the Foundation for many years, and I think they know what they’re doing with facial hair.

They’ve got a good understanding of the needs of men who are going to be using the mask.

For men who have already used it, they have some tips on how to wear it.

For the rest of us, I am hoping this will be a great addition to our facial hair collection.

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