Recode’s Chief Security Editor: Trump’s election ‘stupid, stupid mistake’

Recode editors Steve Blank and Joe Flint have been tweeting out a series of tweets that suggest the Trump election was an act of stupidity.

They’re not wrong.

But what they’re wrong about is that the people running the country, and their political parties, have decided that Trump was the winner and should get to decide what to do about it.

It’s a huge mistake.

If the Democrats are going to try and take the mantle of the White House in 2020, it would be a big mistake if they were going to do so by forcing Trump to resign.

If they wanted to win, they would’ve made an effort to stop Trump from becoming president, instead of trying to take advantage of a situation that was so clearly in their own hands.

They should’ve been able to stop him in 2020 by making it clear to him that he’s no longer a viable candidate.

This election was a big stupid mistake that had no winners.

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