How to get rid of your facial hair

A new face wash is being hailed as a breakthrough in the fight against the crippling facial hair problem, but experts warn against over-simplifying the process. 

A team of scientists from the University of Utah, who conducted the study, are offering a free face wash that can be used for any cosmetic procedure, including facial resurfaces. 

In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, they found that the facial resurfaced face wash, which was infused with a peptide that works as a natural shampoo, significantly reduced facial hair growth. 

“Surgery is a very costly procedure and many people don’t know about it,” said lead author Dr. Gianna Maria Miller, a professor of dermatology at the university.

“A lot of people are not really aware of the possibility of using peptides for facial resurface, and that’s something that’s very important for people who are struggling to get hair back.” 

The team’s researchers infused a peptides extract into a solution of sodium hydroxide, and then used a hair follicle graft to grow hair on the surface of the face. 

After five weeks, the peptides treatment reduced hair growth by nearly 30%. 

While Dr. Miller said the peptide may not be a hair-removing treatment, it’s a promising treatment that could help those struggling with facial hair, and could help to improve the health of people around the world who struggle with facial growth.

Dr. Miller’s team hopes the facial hair solution can be adapted for other cosmetic procedures. 

The peptides are not the only natural shampoo that can help with facial resurflection. 

Earlier this year, researchers in India also found that a peptidomimetic hair treatment, or a hair gel, can help reduce facial hair loss. 

Researchers in the UK, France and Germany also found peptides to be effective for facial hair regrowth.

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