Which one of Israel’s leaders will take the next step?

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is expected to take the first step toward becoming Prime Minister in a few days, after the cabinet voted to approve the appointment of an interim prime minister.

Lieberman, who was re-elected in a landslide in May, will be the new prime minister in the coming days, and the new cabinet will be made up of the prime minister’s loyalists and Lieberman’s loyalist bloc.

The government will then need to negotiate a new deal with the Palestinians.

The two-day cabinet meeting will be held in Tel Aviv on Sunday, when Lieberman will make his decision on who will lead the government.

The final cabinet vote on the matter is expected on Tuesday.

Netanyahu has vowed to keep up pressure on the Palestinians, who refuse to give up their demand that Israel keep all settlements on occupied Palestinian land and which seek to annex East Jerusalem.

He has also threatened to veto any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that fails to include the Palestinian demand that the West Bank and East Jerusalem be part of Israel.

Lieberman has called the peace process a “coveted charade,” and has said he will not accept any Palestinian state that does not include a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem, where Jews have lived for generations.

The Palestinians have rejected this claim.

During the campaign, Lieberman said he was “open to the idea of a Palestinian unity government” if the Palestinians agree to freeze settlement activity in the West

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