When a ‘facial mask’ helps you look more confident: A study

Google News article A new study suggests that facial masking can actually help to improve a person’s self-confidence.

Researchers from the University of Sydney and the University College London conducted a study to test whether people’s self confidence could be improved with facial mask or no masking.

“Facial masking reduces facial skin tension, while no mask is the same as a no-mask condition,” lead author Dr. Jennifer Schiappa said in a press release.

“This could potentially be of great benefit in the workplace or in life situations where facial expressions and facial expressions are considered critical.”

Researchers used a self-assessment questionnaire to track people’s facial expressions for three weeks.

They then looked at their facial expressions, their facial sweat, and their facial skin tone.

After the three weeks of testing, participants with facial masks were more likely to have a better self-perception.

“This is important, because people with facial skin wrinkles, who are often perceived as more insecure in society, may actually be less self-confident in comparison to people with non-skin wrinkles,” Schiapta said.

“When we look at the faces of people in different contexts, we often notice facial wrinkles or facial tans, but our brains don’t always register these changes and we might not be aware of them.”

This study suggests facial mask may have an effect on a person, even if they don’t realise it.

“The findings suggest that masking may not necessarily be the only method of masking, but it is a promising one in terms of improving self-esteem,” Schianpas said.

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