How to make your own homemade facial without an Instagram filter

I’ve been wanting to make homemade facial for quite some time now, and I finally decided to try it out.

But it didn’t go well, and it was pretty expensive.

So I’ve just started using a facial mask that has a little camera in it, like a camera on a smartphone.

So if you want to make this DIY facial, I suggest you just buy a camera mask that is just 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall.

Then, take a mask that fits the face, just fold the mask up and put it over the camera.

It’s really easy to do and very inexpensive, and that’s the key to making a homemade facial that you won’t regret buying.

But I wanted to give you an example of how easy it is to make a homemade mask for yourself, so you don’t have to worry about how it works.

I’m going to show you how to make one yourself, using only your hands, using your face and your makeup and a little bit of water, and then you can see how easy this homemade facial is to do.

The DIY facial mask tutorial Here are the steps to make my homemade facial: 1.

Get your camera mask on.

Get a cheap camera mask.

Use the one you can get at most makeup stores.

Make sure it’s not too small.

If it’s too big, the facial will be difficult to hold in place and the mask will fall out.


Fold your mask over your face.

It should look like this.

It can be anything that you have your face on already, but if you have a face mask on, it will work just fine.


Use your makeup.

Make a little foundation or blush.

The makeup I’m using will look like a little glittery lipstick.


Fill your mask with water.

The water should be the same color as your face color.

If you don’st have a water bottle, you can use some of the water from a jar or bottle of water that you already have.


Cover the mask with makeup.

The mask is now fully covered.

Now, you’re ready to make it!

First, you need to get your makeup on.

You’ll need a basic foundation and a blush.

You can also use a primer, but I prefer to use a lip liner.


Put on your makeup, using the same foundation and blush as you did for the camera mask, just like you did with the camera masks.


Take a little water from the jar or container of water you just made.

I usually fill the mask in half and then fill it with water to cover the entire face.


Fold the mask over the makeup you’ve made and put the mask on top of the makeup.


Fill the mask and put on your mask again.

Now you can start to make the facial.

I’ll show you what I do next.

Step 1: Take the mask off.


Fold over your mask to make sure it doesn’t fall out of your face, but it can be hard to do this.

2 and 3.

Put your makeup over your makeup so that the makeup doesn’t lift on top.

Put the makeup in the lid, so that it doesn´t fall off.

4 and 5.

Put some mascara on your lashes and start to add the lipstick.

Make your eyeshadow a little darker.

Step 2: Make your mask.

1 and 2.

Put a little eye shadow on your eyes.

3 and 4.

Make the lipstick a little brighter.

Step 3: Apply your makeup to your face with your lips.

5 and 6.

The lips should be slightly curved.

7 and 8.

Make up your eyes with your lip gloss.

9 and 10.

Make-up with mascara.

11 and 12.

Makeup with eyeshadows.

13 and 14.

Make it look like your face is smiling.

15 and 16.

Make you look like you have eyebrows.

17 and 18.

Step 4: Make up the eyes.

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