‘Shattered’ – The day Conor McGregor was a superstar

In the days before Conor McGregor became a superstar, he’d been known as a bit of a loner.

A quiet, introverted Irishman with a shy, quiet face, he was a bit withdrawn and introverted.

He was, however, the best fighter of his generation.

But with the rise of the UFC, McGregor went from being a lovable loner to a fighter who was everywhere.

He was the first Irish fighter to be awarded a UFC belt and was one of the most successful fighters in the history of mixed martial arts.

It was an amazing run for a fighter whose only previous achievement was being knocked out in a boxing match in 1988.

It’s hard to imagine how he was able to do that, and it’s even harder to imagine that he could keep going after he had been knocked out.

It’s not like McGregor was in the best of shape when he got knocked out that night.

He’d just lost his first fight to Michael Johnson, and had been training for a couple of weeks.

He had been drinking, and he’d lost some weight, and after the fight he told a friend he’d just been knocked up.

That night he had a blood test and was found to have a high risk of developing leukemia.

The test was taken the following day, and the next day he went to the Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with the same cancer.

He went into remission, and McGregor became one of boxing’s most celebrated fighters.

It took him until his retirement in the early 90s to make his way into the UFC.

He lost to Johny Hendricks, and then he fought again, against Daniel Cormier.

McGregor had lost to Hendricks in their previous bout, and this time, after an intense bout, Cormier was able for the first time to knock McGregor out.

McGregor was left with a broken nose, a damaged orbital bone, and a fractured eye socket.

It was a tough time for McGregor.

In the early years of his career, he had spent a lot of time training in Brazil, but then came the drugs scandal and was forced to leave the country.

He later moved back to Ireland, and spent a year in jail for possession of cocaine.

His wife, Michelle, became ill with a rare illness and died soon after.

The next few years were a rollercoaster ride.

McGregor spent the early part of his time in prison being held in isolation for several months.

Then, at the age of 37, McGregor became the youngest person to ever become the UFC champion.

In the days following his retirement, McGregor had to face off against a number of top contenders, but his style and ability didn’t quite mesh with those of the big-name fighters.

Conor McGregor has lost to Daniel Cormiers in the past.

He’s won a record nine fights.

He holds a 10-2 record against the likes of Donald Cerrone, Johny Gonzalez, Chris Weidman, and Nick Diaz.

He is the only fighter to win five straight fights in the UFC since Anthony Pettis did so in 2011.

After McGregor’s retirement, the Irish media became obsessed with the story of his fight against Daniel Henderson.

After his defeat, Conor McGregor went on to beat Johny Diaz and Rashad Evans.

He also had to fight three more opponents in the years leading up to his retirement.

He faced Nate Diaz twice, and finally, against Jon Jones.

Jones came to Ireland from the UFC in 2001 and had won five straight title fights by then.

The fight was a huge deal for the Irish fans, who were thrilled to see the fighter who’d been so dominant in his early years in the sport.

The crowd of over 100,000 packed into the O2 Arena, which was packed to the rafters with thousands of fans.

McGregor won the fight and had a rematch with Jones in 2005, but this time McGregor had the better of the contest.

Jones was much quicker and more dangerous than McGregor, and won the title by submission in the second round.

The following year, McGregor faced Alexander Gustafsson again, and his style didn’t mesh with that of the Brazilian.

The bout ended in a split decision, and when he returned to the Octagon, McGregor was one win away from his UFC belt.

McGregor went into retirement a little under a year later.

He had a couple more fights, but by then, it was becoming clear that he wasn’t as good as he’d once been.

McGregor retired from the sport in 2011 after losing his last fight to Anderson Silva.

McGregor’s career was in tatters by the time he died, and even though he had fought in a couple other mixed martial art promotions, McGregor’s UFC career had gone off the rails.

There are many reasons why Conor McGregor left the UFC: his contract, the fight with Jones, his alcoholism, the fact that he had to take time off from fighting to recover from a broken orbital bone.

He also had a broken left eye socket and a broken right eye socket, and while

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