The #Dermaplane has been making waves in the industry with its first full-body facial. Read more

The Dermaplane, a facial prosthesis that allows users to capture a close-up of their face in 360 degrees, was created by facial-artist and founder of the company Derma, Alex Fattal.

Fattal said the facial prosthetic was designed specifically for facial hair removal.

It is available in two versions, one that includes a fully-functional webcam that allows you to see and interact with your face while the other has a camera built in.

He said the two are compatible with both video and still images.

Derma will begin accepting orders for the Derma plane in late February, he said.

Fettal has been featured in multiple media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and Mashable.

In March, Fattall won the 2014 International Facial Beauty Contest, and the company has been recognized for its innovative approach to the treatment of facial hair in both traditional and new ways.

Futtal, who lives in Los Angeles, said the company had been approached by people who were interested in using the device to reduce their facial hair for cosmetic purposes, but had not had a successful experience.

“I had a lot of positive feedback from the people who are using it, but it was not easy to get the people interested enough,” Fattale said.

“We’re looking to expand our product line into other markets.”

Fattall said he is looking forward to the success of the device.

“It’s been a lot longer than I expected and it’s been quite a challenge to make something that can do everything that we did before,” he said in an interview with Mashable on Thursday.

“There’s definitely a new level of sophistication and precision and precision we can have, so it’s just going to be an exciting time for Derma and for our industry.”

Fettals newest product is the DermPaparazzi, a camera-based facial prosthetics device that allows for close-ups of a face’s skin to be captured in the field.

The device has a built-in webcam, allowing users to view and interact face-to-face with their friends and family members.

It costs $499.99, or $1,500 for a family of five, and is available now.

Fretal said he and his team are working on a version of the Dermalaparz, a face-tracking device that is expected to hit the market later this year.

Fats first attempt at the Dermas Paparazzis was at the 2017 International Facicurity Beauty Contest in London, where he was crowned the winner.

Fattals team has also been featured on CNN and Yahoo News.

Fatti’s latest project was the Dermicaparzel, a 3D-printed facial prosthetist that has been available to order since the end of May.

The company said it is still working on the full-scale Dermal Paparz and the new Dermicaptor, which is expected in early 2019.

Fetts new face prosthetics venture was also the subject of a Mashable video interview.

The video showed Fattalls face-saver system, which uses a combination of laser light and motion sensors to create a close approximation of a user’s face.

Fttal said Derma is currently working on its first device, but did not provide further details.

“We’re going to take that on as a Kickstarter campaign and see how it goes,” Fettals told Mashable in the video.

“And if we hit our funding goal, we’ll be shipping it to the general public and hopefully people will use it.”

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