When will we have the right to smile?

A video showing the ‘breathing’ of a young girl who is also a meme was shared widely on social media on Wednesday, with many questioning the authenticity of the video.

The video was taken at a Delhi temple in November, when a girl, who looks like a 10-year-old girl, is seen smiling, and the camera then pans to her face as she breathes.

It was then shared on social networks with the caption, ‘What’s that?

A girl in India who smiles?’

The video has been shared widely, sparking controversy on social platforms and also on WhatsApp.

A video clip of the girl is also shared on Twitter by a user, who claims to be the girl’s mother.

A woman, who goes by the name of ‘Madhur’, who shared the video, said the ‘baby’ in the video is the same girl.

“My daughter, who is 10 years old, smiles.

I believe her smile is from the birth of her baby,” she said.

Madhur said she was surprised by the authenticity and was surprised at how many people shared her video.

“I was shocked and I was disappointed that people were spreading this.

We have to protect our culture.

It’s our culture,” she told The Times Of India.”

This is our culture that is being questioned,” she added.

Madhar, who has a B.

Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad, said her daughter was being questioned by social media users over whether she was the same person who shared a video of a baby smiling.

Madhury said she did not know the name ‘Babu’ who is a popular child actress.

“Babus’ are people who are famous for their funny videos,” she explained.

MadHury added that her daughter’s video was shared on WhatsApp with the hashtag #BaburJagr (Baby Jagr), which is the title of a popular Twitter account that has more than 20,000 followers.

“What is wrong with this video?

Is it fake?

I am not surprised that people are sharing this video.

This is a matter that should be taken up by the concerned authorities,” she alleged.

Madhusudan, who lives in New Delhi, said that he has heard rumours of Babu being a popular girl in the country.

“A girl like this, who could smile, who would even go to the toilet, she’s a popular one.

I think she should be protected by law.

This does not concern me.

This should be investigated by the police.

I have no idea why people are spreading this,” he said.

Mohan Thakur, a professor at the Indian Academy of Medical Sciences, said Babu’s age should be considered.

“There are many other cases where babies are being killed, especially if they have been born at a hospital.

Babu is a normal baby, she is not even a baby, but she is normal and there are many cases where normal babies are killed,” he told The Indian Express.

Madhu also said that Babu has been a part of her life for a long time.

“She is my sister.

I love her and I love the family,” she claimed.

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