A Brazilian Facial Trauma Survivor: I’m a Facial Terrorist

The Brazilian government has now launched an investigation into a woman who claimed to have been “a facial terrorist” for a photo that she allegedly shared with a colleague on Instagram.

The woman told local news agency O Globo she did not know who took the photo, only that it was taken on her birthday.

She claimed that she was harassed and threatened online by the account.

Brazil’s government said the incident is the “first” in the country of 8.3 million people.

The country’s Attorney General told a parliamentary committee that the woman was the first victim of an attack by a “terrorist.”

“The investigation into the circumstances of the photo incident was launched following the notification by the government, as a result of which we have already received numerous complaints,” he said.

“The Government has already received the reports of the victims, as well as other victims of crimes committed by the terrorist, as the incident was not reported to the police.”

Brazilian Prime Minister Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said he would investigate the incident and take the necessary steps.

“We have already asked for the services of the forensic agency to be sent to investigate the situation,” he told the committee.

“As the Attorney General has already notified us, I will take the steps necessary to take all necessary measures.”

Lula said that the government would “seek to understand what happened” and that it will not tolerate any attacks by a terrorist group.

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