‘You’re a liar’: Redhead is ‘absolutely’ in the White House

In a series of tweets this morning, actress Redhead appeared to make a case for President Donald Trump to be impeached.

“If there is any one person in the world who has the ability to fix our problems, it’s you,” she tweeted.

“The American people have spoken, the American people are sick and tired of your failed leadership.

You’re a LIAR.””

The truth is that you are a liar,” she added.

“And the more you lie, the more people will believe you.”

The actress and comedian also tweeted that she would be a “great advocate for those in need”.

She later clarified that she was “just saying what many in our country already know”.

“We can only do so much as a nation before it collapses, and you can only get us so far before we do so as well,” she wrote.

She continued: “I would not lie to you, nor would I ever lie to anyone.

I love you.”

A spokeswoman for Ms Trump did not immediately respond to The Hill’s request for comment.

Ms Trump was one of the few celebrities who signed a letter last week calling for impeachment against Mr Trump.

The president’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has repeatedly dismissed the claims, telling the New York Times in an interview that Ms Trump “never said she would ever be impeachable”.

But he added that Ms Clinton, who is also a former first lady, “is certainly a liar”.

Ms Clinton has denied ever making a false claim of her use of a private email server.

Mr Trump has repeatedly refused to condemn Ms Clinton for her claims, which have been described by the president as “lies”.

The president has also repeatedly said Ms Clinton would be impeachable.

In an interview with ABC News last month, Ms Trump told host Chuck Todd that Ms Obama’s “words were so big, so bold, and so powerful that it changed everything” in the US, but added: “If you take her words and make them up, you’re going to be in jail.”

The president, who has not spoken out on Ms Clinton’s impeachment since the scandal erupted, has previously claimed Ms Clinton is “in jail” for her comments about Mr Trump, and has repeatedly defended his right to fire Ms Comey.

“I fired Comey because he lied to the FBI.

He said he was going to let go of the investigation into her,” Mr Trump said at a rally in Alabama last month.”

They never let go.””

She lied to us,” Mr Obama added.

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