Bathing loofah in Nigeria is not only therapeutic but ideal for our tropical environment.

Due to our high level of dust, bathing loofah saves you daily body scrubbing.

Loofah gives your body natural glow when used effectively.

Loofahs are natural plants used to exfoliate the skin without any side effect. The Loofah sponge is composed of slightly rough natural fibers that are very helpful buffing rough dead cells off your skin.

it is also beneficial to you after the elimination of dead skin cells that will automatically give you smooth, youthful as well as glowing.

Another therapeutic advantage of using a loofah is totally Improvement in Circulation. Any friction on the skin increases localized blood flow. Capillaries, the tiny blood vessels closest to your skin, naturally expand when stimulated.

Unlike harshly abrasive scrubbers, loofah is firm with elastic fibers that are round in cross section and are less likely to scratch skin. Its becomes soft with the presence of water.

Glowing with Olabisi Glow

Always dry your loofah to avoid breeding bacteria after each use.

Keep in a dry place or hang in a dry warm place.



IVD is among the latest trending treatment the
Spa Industry has to offer.

Intravenous Vitamin Drip therapy is a method of feeding Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants and Minerals in the blood stream, which assist numerous health concerns.

IVD therapy treatments are quick and effective for treating migraines, fatigue, asthma, low immunity, diabetics, athletics and those in need of weight loss benefit from specific IV Cocktails.

Intravenous Vitamin Drips is the quickest way to revitalise tired, depleted and dehydrated bodies. Life is stressful to our minds and bodies ,the foods we eat are not as nutrient-rich as it used to be.

The absorption of oral vitamins is dependent on gut health ,IV supplementation allows your body in receiving the full absorption of supplements. As vitamins received through drip therapy go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gut, there is 100% absorption and instant feel good benefits.

Spa industry isn’t just about beauty but wellness.

I will be introducing IVD at the Spa.

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